About Karisma Image

Karisma Image was founded in 2010 by the sole owner Miss Karisma. Karisma Image was created to provide Basic Digital Photo Editing Services. This service will enhance any photo to your liking.

For a long time I ve been behind the skills of my modeling pictures. I ve taken every last picture of myself that is posted online and edited every last one. I have about 9 years of photo editing experience under my belt. I ve worked with a close friends images and by many requests was asked to open a personal photo editing service. So after long over due time I decided to take upon that offer, because I realize every one loves a beautiful picture and you do not have to be a model to have a glamorous shot. I truly love what I do, which spending 18 hours a day in photography and photo editing doesn't bother me one bit. I am a perfectionist, so I will excel to my best to give you the greatest photo that I can create for you. Satisfaction is a must for me. I provide only basic photo editing services for now, and may expand to photographer in the near future. The name Karisma Image came from heart and describes just how it sounds, my images. Dont be hesitant to ask what I can do for you by sending an email to info@misskarisma.com Hope you accept my work and look forward to working with you.
-Miss Karisma